13th Element – Escape Quest

Our awesome foursome took the first opportunity we could to play the new game at Escape Quest. We had already heard brilliant things so we couldn’t wait! Boy did this room live up to expectations! Elaine and Mike greeted us again and as usual, were absolutely fantastic from beginning to end. Elaine delivered a really clear brief and her storytelling always has us laughing and engaged. We were led upstairs to the room and listened to a great introduction before we got going. We were all chomping at the bit to split off and get searching! It took us a while to get it at first but finally we managed to get into the “lab” and


Amazing eye candy, a real enthusiasts dream. I don’t even think I started to solve anything because all I could do for the first few minutes was walk around and admire the amazing decor! There were lots of parts to this game and we all went off separately which I don’t think we had ever done before. The puzzles were so clever and had a good mix of skill, logic and practical parts. If you like the crystal maze, I think you will like this room because it reminded me of this so much. It is my absolute dream of a room! We escaped just in the nick of time.

Highlight of the game – I just couldn’t help but stare in awe at each individual part to this room.

Overall Opinion – fantastically creative game which kept us busy and talking about it for hours afterwards.

Any drawbacks? – I remember feeling a little surprised by the first room because of the previous reviews I’d heard. To me it felt quite bare ad under-decorated but once I saw that second room we TOTALLY understood the hype. Ahh.. it was so good.

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