Pirate Ship – Extremescape

This time it was just myself and Ian looking for somewhere different but still in the local area ( we often book rooms on a whim when we get some rare time off together). I’m sure that most people agree when you initially hear about a room that seems quite out of the way (Extremescape being in the lovely rural location of Disley) we were unsure of what to make of it. However, we heard really good things and decided to give it a try. I am SO glad we did because it was the first time that I had played a room in the UK that really took my breath away. The theming of this room is absolutely superb. The owners Graham and Jess are really welcoming and spend a lot of time making sure that their design is top notch. For me, the theme and look of a room is really important, perhaps more than the actual clues. We started off in a mini “introduction room” which was equally as stunning and we were really engaged from the outset. I liked the way clues were delivered, by collecting coins and also the funny sound effects that are added within the game. We had so many options for where to start that it did take us quite a while to get going. It was a big task for a group of 2; we had to think about the different clues for a while and perhaps started off slower than larger groups but it wasn’t too frustrating.
Highlight of the game – “Whose a clever girl then *squawk*”   I AM! A very interactive clue system which made me laugh and feel successful.
Overall opinion – Extremescape have the time and facilities to create beautiful, immersive games – I wish there were more! I also like the availability to have games which last 90 minutes.
Any drawbacks? – For us, the location is not an issue but perhaps for those who do not have a car this may cause a problem.
Want to know more about The Pirate Ship? –  http://extremescape.co.uk/pirate-ship-2/

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