Amazon Escape – Escape Quest

Immediately after playing Curious Encounters we asked if they had any available rooms! Luckily we were allowed to play Amazon Escape, which we were very excited to play. Now this was my type of room – very crystal maze Aztec zone style. Sand everywhere!! This room definitely played to my strengths; riddles and lots of different sorts of puzzles. We were definitely tired after playing back to back rooms but we managed to escape with about 4 minutes on the clock. The boys would say they preferred other rooms but I think this is because they have different strengths to myself and Steff.
Highlight of the game – The theme of the room, for me, was just brilliant. Definitely up my
street with crystal maze being an ultimate dream of mine.
Overall Opinion – I definitely would recommend this room to crystal maze lovers as it had a good mix of physical, logical and skill elements.
Any drawbacks? – I really can’t think of any!
Want to know more about Amazon Escape?

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