Curio – Escapologic


The next morning we were up and ready to take on Curio. In hindsight we should have played this room last since it was the hardest. Even the staff comment that this room is tough. We fancied our chances as we were a group of 4 with quite a lot of experience at this point.

This room had such a unique, magical element that matched the room description perfectly. Curio was an eccentric, who collected many treasures from around the world and our mission was to recover the key to “untold riches”. I won’t spoil anything but WOW – you HAVE to experience this room. It was so unique and exciting. The puzzles were linear but required team work. At no point were any one of us standing still. It became clear what we needed to do next when we had solved the first puzzle and we had so many wow moments. This was the first time in a LONG while that we failed and it was still my favourite room so far! There was a lot to do and we were kept busy. I’m less disappointed at the failure but more so that I never got to experience the rest of this game. It was truly special and magical. You HAVE to experience it to truly understand as I don’t want to give anything away!

Highlight of the game – As I’ve already said, the theme was just magical and had a very unique element that I ‘ve never seen before. We really felt like we were victims of Curio’s eccentric mind! The prompts were delivered by shipping forecast, which was so clever because there were only about 20 words to choose from but it worked!

Overall Opinion – I didn’t think that E.P.I Centre could be topped but what a fantastic experience this was. I would definitely recommend a group to play this game as I consider my team experienced and we still didn’t manage it (although we were very close – perhaps if we had seen something sooner we might have been successful!)

Any drawbacks – This game was just brilliant, I can’t think of anything except if you particularly like padlocks, you might be disappointed.

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