E.P.I Centre – Escapologic

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After hearing such fantastic reviews about Escapologic, we thought we would make a short stay out of it by playing 3 of their rooms. So off we travelled to Nottingham! E.P.I Centre was the first room we played, and our mission was to save a chemical in a nuclear bunker that had been affected by an earthquake.

We had previously been told that these rooms are a totally immersive experience unlike other escape rooms and we weren’t let down! When we arrived the place was rammed with customers, most having played before. They were all keen to find out what we were playing and made us feel even more excited for what we were about to experience. We were shown a funky painting of the owner Simon, who sounds like a creative genius with imaginative ideas. When I asked for the toilet before I played, I was told to follow the line until I found the rainforest – this place certainly has personality!

Our host Adam delivered an engaging story and then we were (gulp) separated for the first part of the game! Declaring that I was the most patient one, I was led in to a small dark room first. Despite Adam reassuring me more than once that nothing was going to make me jump, the theming was so realistic that I really felt like I was on my own in this doomed bunker! I could see Ian through the class, who found my terrified expression hilarious. This first part to the game required a lot of team work – cue the arguing! Eventually we managed to communicate well enough to be reunited and get going with the rest of the room. The tasks were so realistic for this situation, with not a padlock in sight. To retrieve the chemical we had to break through doors and pull levers – lots of practical elements that made us feel totally immersed.

The theming could have been straight from a movie and such a fantastic atmosphere was created through special effects. So much so that the last part of this game gave me a feeling of genuine panic and I knocked Ian over due to how quickly I ran into him! After a unique exit, we were out in just under 50 minutes. We left feeling amazed although slightly annoyed with each other – haha.

Highlight of the game – the immersion was absolutely incredible.

Overall Opinion – We couldn’t wait to try out the other rooms because we were very impressed with how well thought out this room was. We immediately messaged Adam and Steff and the next morning they came along!

Any drawbacks? – There was one puzzle in Ian’s room that he managed through trial and error. He was still unsure how he did it despite it being explained to him. I can’t really comment because I wasn’t involved although I would like to think I’d have understood if it were down to me 😉 .

Want to know more about E.P.I Centre? https://www.escapologic.com/nottingham/epi-centre/


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