John Monroe – Breakout Manchester

If you have read my background page you will already know that this was my first escape experience, so it seemed fitting to write a review for this one! Now the tricky bit is that since my experience this room has changed. I know that the Town Hall location was changed to “The Detective’s Office”, which I haven’t played but seems to be a similar theme. Whenever I think back to where it all began I can still remember the buzz and excitement as I was running around the room like a duracell bunny, but I can’t help but feel that if I went back and saw it now I would be less enthralled. Out of curiosity I typed “John Monroe Breakout” into google images and I was surprised by how bland it looked now that I have played more games. I’m also sure that my team would have easily broken out if it were not for the fact it was our first game. Despite this, it will always hold fond memories. The game itself was very linear and being a 3 star room, this was expected. The clues fitted well with the theme of the room and nothing was too frustrating. I think we just didn’t have a clue what to expect or do!
Highlight of the game – My friend literally picking my other friend (his girlfriend) up and throwing her out of the way in a mad rush!! I’m laughing as I type this… you had to be there to see it but it was so funny. The things we do to escape eh.
Overall Opinion – A special room for me. We had a fantastic time with friends. The rooms that Breakout deem “3 star” are accurate and especially good for beginner groups.
Any drawbacks? – Realistically not the most captivating in terms of room decor on reflection.
Want to know more about John Monroe? – Well … sorry it’s gone! But here is a link to Breakout Manchester to fill the empty space


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