Prison Break – Escape Room Manchester

I was so excited to try more escape games and another group of friends were keen on having a go too. 5 of us were meeting up in Manchester for the day (which also turned to be a long night involving karaoke – but that’s a different story!) so we decided to see if any rooms were available. With nothing free at Breakout and being a team of beginners we decided on Prison Break. We were welcomed by friendly staff and after a short wait, were handcuffed together to enter the room! We were all really excited and enjoyed this aspect. The room fitted the theme of a prison well, with dim lighting and a dingy cell. My handcuff actually slipped off my wrist as soon as I went into the room, however we still had to search for the key to let everyone else out. We had a fun time together although it was very different to my Breakout experience. I definitely over-complicated things as I found a few sweet wrappers and totally thought this was a clue – something we still laugh about now! I made everyone collect them all and it turned out to be someone else’s litter from a previous game! The game play was very linear, which meant that there were times when most of us were watching over other people’s shoulders. We were not provided with a calculator so there was a point where we had to get our mobile phones out which did detract from the experience. The game host was fine with us doing this. We actually escaped within 35 minutes, which I was really shocked about because of my first experience of not escaping.
Highlight of the game – My friend shouting “I HATE YOU ALL”. She was so stressed but I was far too busy with my sweet wrappers.
Overall Opinion –  We had a really fun time and it was a good room for beginners. I can’t exactly remember all of the puzzles but I don’t remember there being too many so with 5 of us we did escape quickly.
Any Drawbacks? –  I don’t feel there was enough for 5 of us to be getting on with in this room so I would recommend a smaller team. I also have a few reservations towards the clue system that Escape Rooms use as they enter the room when you press a button – this will also come out in other reviews. This said, we did only need one hint in this game – and we had stupidly left our coats over what we needed (doh*!). I also wish there weren’t sweet wrappers throwing me off (haha).

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