The Million Pound Heist – Enigma Quests London


After playing the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry , we found that the other room at Enigma Quests was available, so we jumped at the chance. A bank heist is a good, solid theme, so we were interested to see their spin on it.

Game story:

Your team is breaking into the safehouse of London’s most notorious criminal gang. You will have to analyse highly confidential information, navigate your way through top level security and all this before you can even attempt to enter the vault. Of course there is money involved, but the challenges along the way will be tough and efficient teamwork will be absolutely essential to get you anywhere.

Only the top scoring teams will make it to the leaderboard. Do you have what it takes to make the top ten?

Again, or host informed us that our aim was not to get out of the room, but to break into the vault and steal an important document and as much money as we could fit int our briefcase in 60 minutes. Our money would then be calculated to see how well we had done. Penalties would also be taken from our total amount – a 10% penalty if we asked for a clue, and a 5% if we had to be prompted.


This game began as non-linear but then required lots of communication and teamwork as the game progressed. Myself and Ian had a rare moment of working together as usually the boys and girls split off. There was a lot of reading, decoding and word-related tasks to complete in this room, with minimal codes or keys required. Technology was used very cleverly, particularly towards the latter part of the game. They were so much fun to solve and very different to what I have ever played before. It felt very reminiscent to the last part of the gameshow Fort Boyard if anyone has seen it – we knew we had solved the puzzle correctly as shutters slowly opened to reveal the vault, which we had to crack before stealing as much money as possible! As I said earlier, LOTS of communication was necessary here, and I really felt the pressure! If you solve the earlier puzzles quickly, this would give you more time in the vault and therefore you would have more chance of getting on the leaderboard.

The last part of the game especially was highly immersive – it is safe to say I took it a bit too seriously! Ian was crying with laughter at me pushing him out of the way and shoving that money in the briefcase! I’ve never moved so quick but that really is testament to how well this game had been designed.

The game also taught me the importance of not rushing, as truth be told, we were so busy stealing as much money as we could that we incurred lots of penalties by not reading the manual properly – rookie error! We didn’t make the leaderboard, but we had lots of fun.

Highlight of the game: Breaking into the vault was definitely the best part. It became less about solving puzzles and more about using logic and the tools available to us.

Any drawbacks? Two minor points  – one of the puzzles took us quite a long time to complete and multiple attempts before we really understood what we were doing. There was also a part of the game that involved deactivating lasers that were blocking our path, but I was able to fit through. We were told to go back and complete it properly. The purpose of these two tasks could have been made clearer, in my opinion although none of them were at all frustrating.

Want to know more about the Million Pound Heist?


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