Time Run – The Lance of Longinus

After a very quick drink at the quirky local cafe/ bakery ‘The Bread Station’ we were back to play the next room. Technically, this game is Time Runs’ first room although it didn’t matter that we hadn’t played them in this order. This room follows a more traditional escape room style of play than the Celestial Chain (see my previous review). Our aim was to find the Lance of Longinus within 60 minutes to succeed.
Game story:
Dive through a time portal, then voyage through forgotten and undiscovered worlds on a quest for an object of unfathomable power.  Run through time, against clock, to track down the Lance of Longinus – before your 60 minutes are up.

 -A deep, exploratory quest across multiple time periods.

 -Track down and safeguard a powerful weapon, lost to history.  

 -Become the protagonists in your own, amazing, cinematic adventure

Luna Fox and Babbage were, again, recurring characters that popped up throughout the game, which gave more purpose to our task. Again, the theming was incredibly immersive and aesthetically pleasing. It was amazing to look around and see how well designed the rooms were. I don’t know how it’s possible! Again, the overarching theme of time travel is an excellent way of making the most of the experience – in one hour we were transported from the future to ancient times to the 20th century! Each room and the puzzles within it were realistic and executed perfectly.

The game was mainly linear; I found that my team needed to work together a lot more in comparison to the Celestial Chain; the puzzles flowed beautifully into one another and it was made clear what we needed to do next. As a team, we felt satisfied and excited when we successfully completed a task. Each time the room would direct us to our next task and because of this, it made me feel like the room was magical; like it was was alive. We picked up momentum and did so well throughout the game but then spent much longer than necessary on the last puzzle – JIGSAW!! I had an element of doubt as I knew time was running out, but thankfully we just made it with under 5 minutes left!

Highlight of the game – I don’t want to spoil anything by giving too much away, but the “ancient zone” was right up my street. It’s personal preference but I could have just played that part and left a happy girl. We had a mixture of physical, observational and logical thinking tasks which were so cleverly executed and SO MUCH fun to solve. I would say my favourite puzzle out of all the rooms I have ever done was in this section.

Any drawbacks – As much as I loved this room I wasn’t keen on the last part of the game. Of course I was feeling the pressure and the last puzzle was a great way of building tension, but I didn’t really enjoy them as much after coming from such an amazing part of the game.

Overall Opinion – An outstanding game. I would definitely recommend this room!
Want to know more about The Lance of Longinus? http://www.time-run.com/


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