Lady Chastity’s reserve – Handmade Mysteries

After hearing great things from fellow enthusiast Amy at Brit of an Escape Habit, we knew we had to book this room! It’s a very different room to anything we had done before as Handmade Myseries have a couple of locations to choose from, all based in different pubs, which is a quirky and fun twist to add to our ever-growing escape room list. 

Game story:

Your host, Gabriel, will introduce you to the lair of the deranged Lady Chastity as you pit your wits against her mysterious belongings and strange contraptions. Those who prove themselves worthy will whoop their way through an hour of surreal gaming, leaving with Chastity’s fabled bottle of aphrodisiac wine.

An escape room where the aim is to find the WINE?? I’m there! Now, this game is 18+ and rightly so. Our host Gabriel certainly had wit and, frankly, a bit of a potty mouth, but he was hilarious and engaging. He had us all laughing and he led us through the game in character. Lady C herself also guides you though the room, so theming and immersion was always at the forefront of the game. Handmade Mysteries are accurate with their self- description as “immersive theatre”.


The game started off non- linear and we split off in different directions, but then we were brought back together to continue the game in a linear fashion. The puzzles were in line with the escape room style – piecing parts together, searching and finding, unlocking locks, but at the same time the experience felt different.

The puzzles weren’t at all difficult and would well suited to beginners but equally they were fun to solve for the more experienced players. Lady C directed you to what you needed to do next each time a puzzle was solved, but even though the game was predominantly led like this, it didn’t feel as if we were being given the answers. 

We managed to escape *and get the wine* in 43 minutes. The time went so quick and it was so much fun! 

*I also want to thank the hosts for accommodating us when we were running very late – London traffic is madness and on a scale that I’m not used to living in the suburbs of Manchester! 1 hour 15 minutes to travel 7 miles …

Highlight of the the game: Gabriel made our experience enjoyable and highly immersive. 

Any drawbacks?: perhaps some people would not like this type of humour. Let’s just say Lady C is a minx! I personally found it hilarious.

Overall Opinion: Definitely a good example of what great things you can do with such little space. It was worth the journey!

Want to know more about Lady Chastity’s reserve?


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