The Haunted Pirate Ship – Cliffhanger rooms Lake District 

On our mini break to the Lake District (where most people go on refreshing country walks) what else could WE possibly do than an escape room binge? 
We arrived at Cliffhanger rooms and I was immediately intrigued with the setting. The rooms are in a very picturesque, quaint little village and based on prior experience, I find that there are some great rooms in similar locations! We entered the lovely stone built building and had a friendly chat with the owner. We were immediately drawn to the leaderboards, which I think are a good way to engage players and for those with more experience it gives you a good indication of what time you should be getting out in! 

Game story

You are the crew aboard Blackbeard’s ship, haunted by the late captain’s ghost, who cannot rest until his debt has been paid. Treasure on board has been pillaged and plundered from enemy ships, but only a certain kind of treasure will help you and your crew. Before Blackbeard’s untimely death, 8 gold coins were stashed around the ship, the locations were never revealed but a series of puzzles and codes were left behind to ensure that only the most cunning of pirates could succeed.

The room itself was very well themed and really inkeeping with a pirate ship. They had even thought about the finer details, as we had to walk over a little drawbridge to enter the ship which was really cool. The backing music resembled the creaking of a ship, which added character to the game. There was a fantastic variety of puzzles to suit all sorts of players. One of the tasks did have us getting into a bit of a domestic; thankfully it wasn’t too frustrating but did require us to concentrate! The game host was laughing at our nonsense talk during this puzzle. We escaped in 51 minutes and managed to get 3rd on the leaderboard for the week – not bad for a team of two 🙂 

Highlight of the game 

I liked getting to do a practical puzzle which I normally wouldn’t get to do in the usual group of 4! 

Any drawbacks? 

I could imagine some to find the “maths” style puzzle (the one we had a domestic on) to be frustrating, although I didn’t find this too bad (and I’m definitely not a fan of maths puzzles!) 

Overall Opinion 
I would definitely recommend this room to other players- newbies and enthusiasts alike. 

Want to know more about the Haunted Pirate Ship?


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