Operation Odyssey – Can you Escape Edinburgh 

We arrived quite early at Operation Odyssey but we were greeted by Louis, who was a very friendly and enthusiastic host. We had to think of a team name (great escapees OBVS) and individual cadet names! This was a funny twist, and Ian decided we should be “big one” and “little one”. If you’ve met me, don’t jump to assumptions with me being 5ft!! I was the big one haha. Louis delivered our game story in character as a space cadet, which we thought was brilliant.
Game story 

As space cadets on the International Space Station you must race against time to ensure you fix the escape pod before it’s too late. Houston received your distress call and has concluded that it was a meteor shower that struck the main ship a short time ago. The escape pod has also been damaged so you must first restore all of the systems before attempting an escape.

Cadets, you need to hurry! The next meteor shower is predicted to strike in an hour so there is no room for error!

There were LOTS of instructions prior to entering the room, but thankfully once we were in the room it became very clear what to do.

Teamwork was essential in this game and although the game play was non linear, each part to unlock required solving something on the other side of the room for it to work. There were lots of mini practical, hands on puzzles which we found nice to play as a two because we got to experience them all. A lot of the puzzles were also so blindingly obvious that we spent longer than necessary on them, and this led to a few face palm moments!

There was a nice twist at the end of the game as well, which I can imagine will add a lot of pressure if you didn’t have much time left! Thankfully we escaped in 45 minutes so we were quite calm.

Highlight of the game 
I like the meta- puzzle style of gameplay. There was enough for a more experienced team of 2 but also if you had more players you could split off and work on something in smaller groups.

Any drawbacks? 

Thank goodness I had Ian for the last puzzle. No spoilers, but my coordination is useless and I couldn’t do it by myself! It’s not really a drawback, just not my strength.

Overall Opinion 

I can appreciate why this game is so widely recommended in the Escape community.

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