The Distillery – Locked in Edinburgh 

On to our second room of the day, and again Locked In had really taken their surroundings into consideration, as the room is actually right next door to a distillery! Sadly for Ian who is a gin lover, no samples were available! 
Game story 

Delve into the depths of modern day Summerhall, a cultural center for arts and alcohol lovers alike! We’ve partnered up with our neighbours at Pickering’s Gin to create a challenging and immersive experience- Locked in the Distillery.

Your mission here is to uncover the identity of the disgruntled employee plotting against the Distillery, find out what they’re up to, save yourself and save the gin!

The room theme was very funky and resembled what I would imagine behind the scenes to really look like. The first thing we noticed was the amount of different locks there were to open, which was very exciting. We split up and began searching, quickly managing to find and unlock various locks independently. The puzzles had a mixture of different puzzle styles to suit all types of players. 

There were moments in which the game brought us back together, particularly in the middle and at the end, which was very exciting. There were also nice unexpected moments of revelation which motivated us throughout the game. Again, as with the Secret Lab, Locked In have a real talent for creating such beautifully flowing games; it was so smooth and well paced! 

The clues were delivered via a tv screen but we didn’t need any! In fact, we somehow managed to make it on the leaderboard with an escape time or 36 minutes. We were very impressed with ourselves, and so was the host! 

Highlight of the game

Again, the game flows so well; it just made this game so pleasurable to play. 

Any drawbacks? 

I can only think that there is one maths puzzle that might leave some quaking in their boots. Luckily the formal column method is on the Year 3 national curriculum so I’m a pro! (I teach, for those who don’t know!)

Overall Opinion 

If you like Escape Rooms and if you like gin, then you’ll like this room! (For the record I don’t actually like gin, it tastes like nail varnish, but I liked the game!)

Want to know more about the Distillery?

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