The Diamond Heist – Escape Hour Edinburgh

We had a great time chatting to our host, a fellow enthusiast who had travelled to lots of places in the UK and abroad to escape! It’s great to have a host that cares about the industry and can have a really good discussion. 

Game story 

Watch it here!

The room wasn’t actually what I was expecting; it felt a lot more cultured than what you might envisage a diamond heist to look like, with lots of intricate props and furnishings. Technology was still used to create a sense of magic and it was very effective at certain moments. 

There were lots of padlocks to open, solving puzzles that required a range logical thinking, maths, and practicality. We needed a few hints to get us on the right track and often the answer was right under our nose. The latter half of the game had more pace and I felt had more exciting components that added pressure in a fun way. 

We managed to escape with 11 minutes left, and we thought we had done worse than we actually did! 

Highlight of the game:

The laser maze was very effective and fun to take on (it was actually watching not-so-graceful Ian and his big clumsy body attempt it!)

Any drawbacks? 

Maths. Maths. MATHS!! We are rubbish at maths and the problem was quite difficult for the not so gifted mathematicians like us!  It was very funny though. Our host did tell us we could have used our phones, but we just aren’t used to that style of play and wouldn’t have even considered it! 

Overall Opinion

I enjoyed the game and had a good laugh, so I would recommend it to bigger groups of less experienced players, or a small team of more experienced ones. 

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