The Dungeon – Stuck in the riddle Huddersfield

We made a quick trip up to Huddersfield to play ‘The Dungeon’ which is currently the first room opened at Stuck in the Riddle. We were met by the really friendly owner called Tom, and had a good chat about our favourite rooms. It’s really nice to be able to speak with hosts who equally enjoy escaping!

Game story:

The King is dead! In the late hours of last night your father, and the King of England, tragically died under suspicious circumstances. Suddenly a troupe of guards, commanded by your cousin, burst into your room while you sleep and take you to the dungeon to lock you up – as the rightful heir to the throne you suspect your cousin is planning on murdering you so he can claim the throne for himself.

As soon as we were in the room, we were handcuffed to the rails at the side of the room. I was, admittedly, dreading this because in previous games I’ve always found it a bit tacky and normally I can slip my hands through them! However, these handcuffs were more realistic and not at all frustrating.

The room flowed really well; each puzzle was satisfying to complete and it made perfect sense what to do next. Although we were able to split off and keep busy, we worked through the game together in a linear fashion. We all really enjoyed this room because we felt useful and there weren’t any moments where we were really stuck and waiting around. The puzzles themselves were not entirely new to what I’d seen before, but they all had a unique twist which was really fun.

Thanks for having us and I’m definitely looking forward to more rooms!

Highlight of the game:

I like how this room is a truly collaborative experience with your teammates, no matter how big or small your group is.

Any drawbacks?

Although it was great to have such a big space, I found that the last room in the game was lacking slightly in content and seemed quite big for what we had to do.

That’s the only thing I can think of!

Overall Opinion:

Newcomers would love this game and even more experienced players will appreciate the smooth flow to the game.

Want to know more about the dungeon?


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