Captain Riddle’s Forgotten Fortune – Clue HQ Birmingham

We really fancied playing this game for a while as riddles and word based clues are some of my favourite type of puzzles to complete. Clue HQ Birmingham has a really big double reception area and it was brimming with people when we arrived, which added to the excitement!

We were briefed in the same video format as usual, which is very tiring for experienced players and I always find this quite dull but most players are new and it is probably helpful for them! We were let into our room and I was pleasantly surprised by the decor. It still had the standard Clue HQ “tech” feel but was well themed to a pirate ship and I felt like more time had been given to the making of it.

The props used in the room all had a purpose to the game play and weren’t simply there for decoration. It took us a while to get into the swing of things but then found we were working through at a good pace. There were a mixture of puzzles which mostly gave us 3 or 4 digit number combinations. We found that as the game nearer completion we worked together as a whole group more than at the beginning.

We escaped with just over 5 minutes left on the clock! There is a lot to do in this game but I wouldn’t say the puzzles are particularly difficult, so I would recommend a smaller team of experienced players but if you are a newbie, more hands on deck (literally) will be ideal!

Highlight of the game

It is hard to describe because I can’t say anything without making the solution to the puzzle clear! However it involved a very simple, tiny piece of technology that was very different to other puzzles I have completed before. We had to be observant to know where to use it!

Any drawbacks?

I was looking forward to riddles as the name suggested but there wasn’t really any of those types of puzzles in there.

Overall Opinion

I would recommend this room as I think it’s the most well themed Clue HQ room I have completed so far.

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