The Curse of the golden lion

Well what can I say, my visit to Wirral Escape Rooms has been far too overdue!


Amy and Ian from Brit of an Escape Habit are my go to’s for all things escaping so finally having their own room is so exciting. Amy welcomed us and we had a great chat about all things escaping. I know this would not have been simply because it was us; she would chat to anyone and everyone about them. There was also water bottles on hand which was a thoughtful touch with the players in mind. The good thing about an enthusiast running an escape room is that they know what players like and dislike, and Amy and Ian have certainly accounted for this.

Game story

Famous adventurer Hathaway Brown has mysteriously contacted you. Being past his prime he has picked you and your team for a very important mission….Hathaway once spent some time in the Jungles of South America, where he claims he found the Golden Lion. The only problem is, he left it in his jungle shack, which was padlocked up in a way that only Hathaway could execute… with puzzles & riddles!

Only someone of outstanding wit, with an adventurer’s heart and a keen brain could solve the puzzles, reclaim the Golden Lion and escape the curse…  Are you brave enough to answer the call of adventure? 

We were all impressed with the room upon entering; it was hard to believe we were in a warehouse on the Wirral as there was so much attention to detail on props and furnishings. There were vines creeping up and along the walls, rocks on the floor and just little touches that made us feel immersed in the game and story.

The puzzles had a fantastic flow to them and were really enjoyable to solve. There wasn’t anything frustrating about the puzzles either so I was able to enjoy opening the different types of locks and appreciating the beauty of the small props and furnishings that the clues were hiding behind. I have played quite a few rooms now and I still came across new types of locks and boxes which were really interesting in themselves to open!

We started off by searching individually but we would always come back together to work on bigger puzzles. In the middle we split off in twos and worked our way through a few puzzles but the room still led us back together in the end. There were such a range of puzzles; observational, word based, where you had to work through the steps and even some process of elimination. The number puzzles were not frustrating and simple to complete in our heads so no faffing with calculators etc!

The aim was, of course, to escape the room but I liked how we were able to use any remaining time to collect additional items which we could solve using a guidebook.

We escaped and collected all 4 items before the 60 minutes ended which was a great achievement!

Highlight of the game

The range of different locks for me was something different and I felt excited to unlock each component.

Any drawbacks?

We throughly enjoyed the game and left buzzing with excitement so I can’t think of any!

Overall opinion

This game is accessible for new players of different ages and smaller groups of enthusiasts. I would suggest smaller groups simply so you can enjoy each and every puzzle (but thank you Amy for showing me the bits I had missed!)

Want to know more about the curse of the Golden Lion?

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