Victoria’s Last Challenge and Exit Visa Crisis

We had a lovely week away in Wiltshire, which is nearly 4 hours away from where we live, so we thought we would fit in some escapes where we could! 11th hour came recommended by fellow enthusiasts. Upon arrival we were met by the owner Tim. An actor by trade, he delivered the briefings for our rooms with enthusiasm and we were really engaged! On to our first room, Victoria’s last challenge…

Game Story

A race to escape the attic room of Echoes Hill Manor with your inheritance. It’s a very sad day. Your beloved Great Aunt Victoria has passed away. At the ripe old age of 104. She had a long and good life but she will be sorely missed. Whilst there is no way to take away your grief, there is some positive news. In her last will and testament Victoria has left her vast fortune to you, yes you, her last living relatives. However it’s not just a case of giving you the money. You have to earn it! Everyone who knew Victoria knew that she was a prankster. Over the years she liked nothing more than setting up tricks and puzzles for people and it would seem this has continued, even in her death. A passage from Victoria’s last will and testament reads :-

“To my last living relatives, I leave to you equal shares of my life savings. However I have one last challenge for you. My money is hidden in the attic room of the family Ancestral home, Echoes Hill Manor, and a set of puzzles and riddles await you which will lead to your inheritance. To make things interesting, I’m giving you just 60 minutes to find it. If you don’t succeed, the fortune will be left to the local cats home !! Good luck, you’ll need it! All my love, Aunt Victoria”

The theming of the room was really good as it looked just as you would picture an attic room, with lots of little bits and pieces to search. We spent the first part of the game exploring and collecting parts but as soon as we began to solve more elements of the game, it leaned towards linear gameplay. It was clear what we need to complete next so it flowed well. There were a mixture of puzzles to suit all players.

The hints were delivered via a screen, but we were first given the option if we wanted a clue or not. Of course we never refused a clue! Some people like to try and be independent but I still enjoy the game just as much. It was clever hosting, because Tim could tell when it was appropriate to give us a nudge in the right direction, and it also encouraged us to persevere on a task for longer, knowing that if we really weren’t on the right lines we would receive help.

We escaped with 8 minutes left!

On to our next room… Exit Visa Crisis

Game Story

Enter a world of fame and rock and roll! You are all super fans of the world renowned band, EXIT VISA, the best band in the world! Sadly a news story has just hit…the band have gone missing, presumed dead, they were travelling in a plane over the Bermuda Triangle, and the plane has gone down…all souls lost! You are devastated. The master copy of the album they’d just recorded ‘Crisis’ was also reported to be on-board. You can’t believe it. In fact you don’t believe it. What happened to the band? Where is the album? Was it all planned? You think it’s all a press cover up… They haven’t found the crash site, they haven’t found the bodies, what’s going on? Acting as Uber-Fans of the band can you help quash the rumours of the bands untimely demise and escape the room with the answer? You have 60 minutes inside Exit Visa’s Band HQ to solve the mystery & get out…

I LOVED the theme of this room! It was something totally different. Upon entering the room, I was really impressed with the setup; it looked like an authentic music studio with all the equipment to suit.

The puzzles in this room ranged from a mixture of searching and linking different aspects of the room together. Again, it was fairly linear and everything flowed really well. We found tools that were needed to open certain clues, which was a really interesting element rather than just relying on padlocks. This said, there were still lots of padlocks to open so it was really satisfying. I really liked the use of sound in this room, which was of course relevant to the theme as well as being really enjoyable!

I had so much fun in this room, maybe too much, as we escaped with about 3 minutes to spare!

Highlight of the games

I liked the unique themes and the clue system as they were both a refreshing change.

Any drawbacks?

No, they were well rounded games with great hosting.

Overall Opinion

A great couple of rooms for beginners!

Thanks for having us 11th Hour, check them out!


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