Escape Room Rankings

Escape room count – 92 (+7*)

*Unable to write about Lucardo for biased reasons*

UPDATE – It was getting very hard to rank my experiences, so I have decided to separate them into sections. I have been meaning to do this for a long while, but I have been debating so many ideas and I just couldn’t decide. In the end, I have gone for something that I hope is quite self-explanatory. Just because some may be lower than others, doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy them. These are just my own experiences.

Here are the subheadings;

My top 10

Brilliant, must – do rooms,

Check it out,

Good solid games,

Not quite hitting it, and

I wouldn’t recommend.

Without much further ado, here you go:

My Top 10

  1. The Celestial Chain – Time Run London

  2. Curio – Escapologic Nottingham

  3. The Lance of Longinus – Time Run London

  4. Curious Encounters – Escape Quest Macclesfield

  5. 13th Element – Escape Quest Macclesfield

  6. The Secret Lab – Locked in Edinburgh

  7. The secret of the Pharaohs – House of Tales Berlin
  8. The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry – Enigma Quests London

  9. E.P.I Centre – Escapologic Nottingham

  10. Pirate Ship – Extremescape Disley

Brilliant, must – do rooms

Operation Odyssey – Can You Escape Edinburgh

Amazon Escape – Escape Quest Macclesfield

Submarine Warfare – The Great Escape Game Leeds

Lady Chastity’s Reserve – Handmade Mysteries

The Million Pound Heist – Enigma Quests London

Mr Chuckles Funhouse – Escape Quest Macclesfield

Sacrifice – Clue HQ Warrington

Lost Tomb – Extremescape Disley

Contraption – Escapologic Nottingham

Haunted Pirate Ship – Cliffhanger rooms Lake District

Robin of Lockskey – Escapologic Nottingham

The Distillery – Locked in Edinburgh

Spellbound – Make your Escape Derby

The Beast of Berlin – The Room Berlin

Interstellar – Trapped In Bury

The Executioner – House of Tales Berlin

The Curse of the Golden Lion – Wirral Escape Rooms

Professor Dunstan and the search for the Ancient Statuette – Co Decode Swindon

Check it out

The Bunker – Enigmik Barcelona

The Teleporter – Clue HQ Warrington 

CSI: The Panic Room – Clue HQ Manchester 

Dungeon of Doom – Clue HQ Warrington

Remy’s Room – Clue Finders Liverpool

Armageddon – GamEscape Liverpool

Curious Encounters – Escape Quest Macclesfield (old version)

Pharaoh’s Curse – Cliffhanger Rooms Lake District

The Signal – Make your Escape Derby

The Dungeon – Stuck in the Riddle Huddersfield

The Hellevator – Clue HQ Birmingham

Captain Riddle’s Forgotten Fortune – Clue HQ Birmingham

The Ruby Factory – Trapped in Bury

Victoria’s Last Challenge – 11th Hour Escape Rooms Wiltshire

Exit Visa Crisis – 11th Hour Escape Rooms Wiltshire

Good, solid games

The Betrayal of Cluetankhamun – Clue HQ Warrington

Underworld Conspiracy- The Great Escape Game Leeds

Psychiatry – Chicken Banana Barcelona

The Tomb – Cluefinders Liverpool 

The Vault – Clue HQ Warrington

Sawtopsy-  Moviescape Stockport

Shipwrecked – Breakout Liverpool

Sabotage – Breakout Manchester

The Bomb Room – Maze Krakow

Detonation – Clue HQ Manchester

Cell Block C – Clue HQ Manchester

The Dark Ages – Code to Exit Altincham

Quest for the Throne – Lakes Escapes West Cumbria

Most Wanted – Breakout Manchester

Re-classified – Breakout Manchester

The Diamond Heist – Escape Hour Edinburgh

CSI Crime Scene Investigation – Trapped In Bury

Crazy Carnival – Trapped in Bury

Illusional Mind – Mission Accepted Berlin

Secret Service – Mission Accepted Berlin

Not quite hitting it

The Breakout Enigma Escape London

King Arthur’s Secret The Great Escape Game Leeds

Madchester Breakout Manchester

Bunker 38 Clue HQ Warrington

Treasure Hunter Lockin Real Escape Manchester

The Forger Code to Exit Altrincham

John Monroe (since changed) Breakout Manchester

Time Machine Trapped in Bury

Vacancy Breakout Manchester

Classified Breakout Liverpool

AirTraffic Control Trapped in Bury

TheBlueprint Code to Exit Altrincham

Virus – Breakout Manchester

The Test (now closed) – Code to Exit Altrincham

Bank Vault Heist – Cliffhanger rooms Lake District

Baker Street – Lakes Escape West Cumbria

Kawloon – walled city FSK18- House of Tales Berlin

I wouldn’t recommend

Golden Cage – GamEscape Liverpool

Identify – Breakout Manchester

Illuminati – Exit Strategy

The Killer – Enigma Escape

Prison Break – Escape Rooms Manchester

Taken – Escape Rooms Preston